During a summer vacation at the age of ten, Danielle received her first journal filled with writing prompts. This was her first opportunity to discover the joy of creation via the written word. Though she’s enjoyed writing almost all of her life, it’s been even longer that Danielle’s passion for discussion has been something she’s been happy to share with those around her.

With an ever-present appreciation for the creative, Danielle was a natural fit for the world of marketing. She didn’t realize it until she unwittingly walked into the world of promotional products (twice!). Working with branded merchandise released untapped creativity, and brought business and marketing knowledge into her realm of awareness. This exposure gave her enough encouragement to finish her Bachelor’s degree at University of Phoenix online in Communications.

When she’s not thinking of ways to assist her clients to maintain brand consistency and exposure, Danielle can be found at home or the park with her dog, Eisenhower.

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