The employee who keeps on giving….
From the small town of Blairsville PA, Marlee moved to Pittsburgh to study at the Art Institute. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design, she was hired in the spring of 2010 by G and Co Design Studio. Marlee designs anything from book covers, logos, posters and much more.

Marlee always had something to say with a fun sarcastic attitude, she enjoyed joking and designing with her fellow co-workers. She was always ready to break into song and brighten up your day. In her spare time, Marlee use to love taking on gigantic painting projects that consumed her life but now days her kids do all the dancing around and the projects include everything but painting. That was the direct result of Marlee finding her ‘lil prince charming’, who she happened to meet through the G and Co family tree. Her creative skill sets are now being handed down to Escher Elliott and Evina Bella.

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